Mentality of a Soviet Man in The Master and Margarita after M. Bulgakov: English and German Translation Reflection. In: SKASE Journal of Translation and Interpretation. 2014, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 41-61

14 сентября 2018
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Abstract . This paper aims to analyse the passages that convey semiotic culture codes from The Master and Margarita after M. Bulgakov and its translations into English and German. The paper challenges to reveal correlation between reasonable rendering and elimination of codes on the one hand and peculiar features of national mentalities of the source language and the target language speakers on the other hand. The study shows that the author of the Source Text and the translators of English and German Target Texts view semiotic culture codes as being equivalent but not fully identical.
Key words: semiotic culture code, culturonym, translation reflection.
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