Large area hodoscopes for muon diagnostics of heliosphere and Earths manetosphere. Acta Polytechnica Volume 53, Issue SUPPL.1, 2013, Pages 807-810

14 сентября 2018
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Контактные данные автора публикации Yashin, I.I.a , Ampilogov, N.V.a, Astapov, I.I.a, Barbashina, N.S.a, Borog, V.V.a, Dmitrieva, A.N.a, Kokoulin, R.P.a, Kompaniets, K.G.a, Mannocchi, G.b, Mikhailenko, A.S.b, Petrukhin, A.A.a, Saavedra, O.c, Shutenko, V.V.a, Trinchero, G.b, Ya
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Muon diagnostics is a technique for remote monitoring of active processes in the heliosphere and the magnetosphere of the Earth based on the analysis of angular variations of muon flux simultaneously detected from all directions of the upper hemisphere. To carry out muon diagnostics, special detectors - muon hodoscopes - which can detect muons from any direction with good angular resolution in real-time mode are required. We discuss approaches to data analysis and the results of studies of various extra-terrestrial processes detected by means of the wide aperture URAGAN muon hodoscope.
Author keywords
Angular variations of muon flux; Cosmic rays; Heliosphere; Magnetosphere; Muon hodoscope; Muons; Solar; Terrestrial connections
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