Influence of the results of uhecr detection on the LHC experiments. Acta Polytechnica Volume 53, Issue SUPPL.1, 2013, Pages 707-711

14 сентября 2018
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The cosmic ray energy region 1015 ÷ 1017 eV corresponds to LHC energies 1 ÷ 14TeV in the center-of-mass system. The results obtained in cosmic rays (CR) in this energy interval can therefore be used for developing new approaches to the analysis of experimental data, for interpreting the results, and for planning new experiments. The main problem in cosmic ray investigations is the remarkable excess of muons, which increases with energy and cannot be explained by means of contemporary theoretical models. Some possible new explanations of this effect and other unusual phenomena observed in CR, and ways of searching for them in the LHC experiments are discussed.
Author keywords
Cosmic ray composition; Cosmic ray energy spectrum; EAS; Muons; Quark-gluon matter
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