Characteristics of the GAMMA-400 gamma-ray telescope for searching for dark matter signatures. Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics Volume 77, Issue 11, November 2013, Pages 1339-1342

14 сентября 2018
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Контактные данные автора публикации Galper, A.M.ab , Adriani, O.c, Aptekar, R.L.d, Arkhangelskaja, I.V.b
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The GAMMA-400 gamma-ray telescope currently under development is designed to measure fluxes of gamma rays and electron-positron cosmic-ray components, which could be associated with the annihilation or decay of dark matter particles, and to survey in detail the celestial sphere in order to search for and investigate discrete gamma-ray sources; to measure the energy spectra of Galactic and extragalactic dif-fuse gamma-ray emissions; and to study gamma-ray bursts and the gamma-ray emissions of active Sun. The GAMMA-400 energy range is 100 MeV to 3000 GeV. The gamma-ray telescope has an angular resolution of ∼0.01, an energy resolution of ∼1%, and a proton rejection factor of ∼106. The GAMMA-400 will be installed on Russias Navigator space platform. Observations are planned to commence in 2018.
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Angular resolution; Celestial sphere; Dark matter particles; Energy resolutions; Gamma ray bursts; Gamma ray sources; Gamma ray telescope; Gamma-ray emission
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