Numerical modeling of the polarization current of geminate pairs in disordered polymers with traps. Semiconductors Volume 47, Issue 10, October 2013, Pages 1292-1297

14 сентября 2018
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Контактные данные автора публикации Korolev, N.A.a, Nikitenko, V.R.a , Tyutnev, A.P.b a National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow, 115409, Russian Federation b Moscow State Institute of Electronics, Mathematics of the National Research University Higher School of Economics
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The time dependences of the polarization current of geminate pairs in disordered media are simulated by the Monte Carlo numerical method. A model of hopping transport with exponential energy distribution of the hopping centers is considered. The dependence of the polarization-current kinetics on the initial geminate-pair separation, the relative concentration of traps, the temperature, and the strength of the applied electric field is investigated. The limits of the applicability of an analytical theory based on the driftdiffusion description of electron and hole motion of the geminate pair in the dispersive-transport mode are discussed. The range of parameters is determined in which the existence of the negative current is possible.
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