Bath-tub vortex attenuation with the increase of in-vessel water level. Physica Scripta Volume 88, Issue T155, July 2013, Article number 014058

14 сентября 2018
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Контактные данные автора публикации Meshkov, E.E.a , Sirotkin, A.A.b a Sarov Physical and Technical Institute NRNU MEPhI, Sarov, Russian Federation b National Research Nuclear University Mephi
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During the study of a bath-tub vortex formed in water flowing out through the hole in a vessels bottom, a methodology was developed that enables controlling the change of in-vessel water level by continuous replenishment. The controlled rate of replenishment enables not only compensating for the loss of drained water and maintaining it at a constant level, but also increasing such a level. Enhancement of water level at different times after the formation of the bath-tub vortex leads to the gradual extinction of the vortex until its complete disappearance when a certain critical level of water in the vessel is achieved. A bath-tub vortex shape with a decrease of in-vessel water level and increase differs significantly.
Indexed keywords
Constant level; Continuous replenishment; Critical level; Drained water
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