Luminescence characteristics of Xe2Cl excimer molecules under pumping the dense Xe - CCl4 gas mixtures with a pulse electron beam. Quantum Electronics Volume 43, Issue 5, 2013, Pages 489-495

14 сентября 2018
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Temporal and spectral characteristics of the luminescence of dense Xe-CCl4 gas mixtures of different composition, excited by a 5-ns pulsed electron beam, were measured. The energy of the electrons amounted to 150 keV and the electron beam current pulse amplitude was 5 A. The gas mixtures were used containing Xe (38-700 Torr) and CCl4 (0.03-0.3 Torr). The studies were performed within the wavelength range 200 - 1200 nm using a MAYA-2000Pro diffraction grating spectrometer and a RIGOL DS 5022 ME fast digital oscilloscope. The luminescence lifetimes of the excimer molecules XeCl* (band with λmax = 308 nm) and Xe 2Cl* (band with λmax = 486 nm) were measured, as well as the constants of quenching by the components of the gas mixture for Xe2Cl* molecules. A model of plasma-chemical processes for dense Xe-CCl4 gas mixtures with a very low content of the CCl4 donor is proposed. It is shown that in such poor mixtures Xe2Cl* molecules are mainly produced as a result of recombination of the Xe2 and Cl- ions.
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Active medium; Electron-beam current; Excimers; Grating spectrometers; Luminescence characteristics; Plasma-chemical process; Pulsed electron beams; Spectral characteristics
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