Correlation effects in kinetics of one-dimensional atomic systems. Journal of Nanomaterials Volume 2013, 2013, Article number 682832

14 сентября 2018
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Контактные данные автора публикации Borman, V.D. , Tronin, I.V. , Tronin, V.N. , Troyan, V.I. , Vasiliev, O.S.
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The paper is devoted to the analysis of the correlation effects and manifestations of general properties of 1D systems (such as spatial heterogeneity that is associated with strong density fluctuations, the lack of phase transitions, the presence of frozen disorder, confinement, and blocked movement of nuclear particle by its neighbours) in nonequilibrium phenomena by considering the four examples. The anomalous transport in zeolite channels is considered. The mechanism of the transport may appear in carbon nanotubes and MOF structures, relaxation, mechanical properties, and stability of nonequilibrium states of free chains of metal atoms, non-Einstein atomic mobility in 1D atomic systems. Also we discuss atomic transport and separation of two-component mixture of atoms in a 1D system - a zeolite membrane with subnanometer channels. We discuss the atomic transport and separation of two-component mixture of atoms in a 1D system - zeolite membrane with subnanometer channels. These phenomena are described by the response function method for nonequilibrium systems of arbitrary density that allows us to calculate the dynamic response function and the spectrum of relaxation of density fluctuations 1D atomic system.
Indexed keywords
Anomalous transport; Density fluctuation; Non-equilibrium phenomena; Nonequilibrium state; Nonequilibrium system; Response function method; Spatial heterogeneity; Two-component mixtures
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