Present status of muon diagnostics . Journal of Physics: Conference Series Volume 409, Issue 1, 2013, Article number 012192

14 сентября 2018
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Контактные данные автора публикации Yashin, I.I.a , Ampilogov, N.V.a, Astapov, I.I.a, Barbashina, N.S.a, Borog, V.V.a, Dmitrieva, A.N.a, Kokoulin, R.P.a, Kompaniets, K.G.a, Mannocchi, G.b, Mikhailenko, A.S.a, Petrukhin, A.A.a, Saavedra, O.c, Shutenko, V.V
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Muon diagnostics is a technique of remote monitoring of various dynamic processes in the heliosphere, the magnetosphere and the atmosphere of the Earth based on the analysis of spatial-angular and temporal variations of muon flux simultaneously detected from all directions of the upper hemisphere. The developed approaches to data analysis and results of the study of various terrestrial and extra-terrestrial processes detected by means of a wide aperture URAGAN muon hodoscope are discussed.


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Dynamic process; Heliospheres; Muon flux; Muon hodoscopes; Present status; Remote monitoring; Temporal variation
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