Measuring the local resistivity by the nanoindentation and force-spectroscopy methods . Instruments and Experimental Techniques Volume 56, Issue 2, March 2013, Pages 233-239

14 сентября 2018
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Контактные данные автора публикации Soshnikov, A.I.a, Kravchuk, K.S.a, Maslenikov, I.I.b, Ovchinnikov, D.V.b, Reshetov, V.N.c a Technological Institute of Superhard and Novel Carbon Materials, ul. Tsentralnaya 7A, Troitsk, Moscow oblast 142190, Russian Federation b
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Methods for measuring the resistivity of materials during elastic and elastoplastic interactions of a current-conducting indenter and a studied sample are described. Analytical methods that describe the dependences of the contact ohmic resistance on the pressure force and the contact stiffness are proposed. The considered models are experimentally tested with a NanoScan scanning nanohardness tester using indenters made of boron-doped diamond single crystals. © 2013 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.


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Analytical method; Boron doped diamond; Contact stiffness; Elasto-plastic; Indenters; Nanohardness testers; Ohmic resistance; Pressure force
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