Verification of SRAM MCUs calculation technique for experiment time optimization . Proceedings of the European Conference on Radiation and its Effects on Components and Systems, RADECS 28 October 2014, Article number 6937393

14 сентября 2018
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Контактные данные автора публикации Boruzdina, A.B.a , Ulanova, A.V.b , Petrov, A.G.a , Telets, V.A.b, Reviriego, P.c , Maestro, J.A.c a Specialized Electronic Systems (SPELS), Moscow, Russian Federation b National Research Nuclear University (NRNU) MEPHI, Mosco
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Single Event Upsets are a growing problem in memories. Therefore, it is important to properly characterize them in order to have a clear idea of how they behave in different applications and environments. Experiments using radiation are a usual method to achieve this goal. However, events produced in memories in this way tend to accumulate over time, being difficult to determine the true number of events that have affected the system. In this paper, several experiments have been conducted to validate a technique that allows calculating the number of real events that have been produced after a radiation test. © 2013 IEEE.


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multiple cell upsets (MCUs); radiation; single charged particles; static random access memory (SRAM)
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